About Us
Acton, MA based photographer specializing in architecture photography, product photography, headshot photography, commercial photography.

Hi, I'm Lou Genovese

I took an interest in photography way back when I was about 12 years old. Landscape photography grabbed my interest, and once I was exposed to Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light book, I was hooked. I was never really that interested in people photos.

Now many years later, I have discovered beauty where I never noticed before. The intricacy of the merging of architecture with the landscape, bringing curves and lines into a dance I never appreciated. Colors and textures flow through those lines. It has made me look more carefully, and therefore see more. The details of structures, products and faces are far more interesting.

I strive to bring this level of detail and wonder to every photo I make, hopefully bringing a spark of value to each client.

It may not be your first question, but you may come to wonder “what’s one27 anyway?” I was just looking for something different to call the business, and my birthday falls near the end of January…