How Do You Organize Your Photo Library?

star progression Adding stars to show change progression

Somewhat surprisingly, clients often ask if I still have the images from a past photo session. I'm not sure if this idea is a holdover from the past when everything was physical (film, prints), but as a photographer, all my images are my assets, and I do everything possible to preserve and archive those assets.Sure, needs are different for professi...

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Photography of Equine Guided Coaching

horse on the Hill JJ on the Hill

Have you ever had some close up time with a horse? You may have ridden horses, or just come up close at a zoo or carnival. Either way, if you were paying attention, you noticed the horse reacting to you. If you really paid attention, you saw that reaction was based on how you felt about the interaction.  Whoa. Not sure I noticed that the few t...

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What is Photographer Expertise?


 A client called me last week in preparation for their upcoming photoshoot. They just had a few questions. This particular session was scheduled by another person in the company who would not be part of the session, and the person that called would be photographed. This is fantastic, and in most cases required. I have a lot of questions before...

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Headshot Photography Psychology

great headshot photo! great headshot photo!

 "There has never been a photo of me I liked…" I've heard 'em all.  So what happens when you need a headshot for yourself, your business, or for the company you work for? I've shot lots of headshots. Many people come to it dreading the time, or just wanting to get through it because they are not fond of the experience. This most...

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Professional Photography vs. Personal Photography

Looking up from the base of the Comcast building in Philadelphia Looking up from the base of the Comcast building in Philadelphia

This past weekend we drove to Philadelphia to see my son at college. In this crazy time of the pandemic, he was unable to go in the fall, but the university opened up for the winter/spring terms, and so he is there, albeit under a bunch of restrictions. It's a 5 hour drive from where we live, so we packed up the car and prepared to stay a few days ...

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Architecture Photography of a Backyard Vacation

pool landscape overview A beautiful pool is the centerpiece of your backyard vacation

Everyone loves a backyard pool. In the crazy year of 2020, during a global pandemic, no one was allowed to travel, so that exciting tropical vacation you had planned was a no go. But what if you could bring the vacation to you? What if you built a beautiful oasis right in your backyard? As a pool design and installation company, this is the message...

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Control of the Sun for Photographing Landscape Architecture

Final Patio Evening Light Soft tinted light shows off the atmosphere of the space.

Let's just start off by saying that the title is only wishful thinking. I have never been able to "control" the sun. It does what is does, and we only have the option of planning so we can take advantage of the sun, not control it. When shooting any kind of architecture, if at all possible, I like to have a walk through with the architect, builder,...

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