For any number of reasons, you find yourself in need of a professional headshot. Maybe your employer has asked for it, or maybe you’re looking for a new employer!

What’s involved, and what happens at a headshot session? Most of my clients have a lot of questions. That’s great! There is a lot more to getting great results than most think.


In our increasingly public and digital world, the headshot is the new age version of your business card. It is your introduction for the numerous virtual meetings we all have, almost a kind of logo for your personal brand. It is your first chance to make that introductory greeting. The question is what do you want to say?

The first question I always ask at a photo session is “why are we making this photo?”

Sure, the obvious answer is “I need a headshot.”

But why? Are you looking for a job or are you a senior member of your firm? Are you a front line customer service person, speaking with customers all day or do you manage a team of people?

A generic headshot would probably work for each of these scenarios, but that would be a missed opportunity. There is nuance in every facial expression, so let’s make yours the best it can be for you as a unique individual.

Let’s face it, intentional or not, good or bad, a first impression will be made based on this photo. A great headshot can create a sense of trust and credibility, confidence and competence. A photo can be inviting and give visitors someone to recognize. You can also add personality and style, something people can identify with.

How it works

When you call to schedule your session, we will have a discussion about your why. Then we can make recommendations about what kind of session to have. Do you need a basic session, or are you looking for something more?

A basic session is about 30 minutes long, and includes 2 hi resolution retouched digital files. We usually shoot a formal style, and a business casual style, but this tailored to your needs. You can bring a few outfit choices. It’s best to stick with solid colors that aren’t too bright. We have a few textured backgrounds, as well as solid colors, or potentially outdoors. You can either come to the studio, or we can come to your location, depending on suitability. In most cases your final files will be available for download within a few days.

We can also do an expanded session for individuals or businesses looking to create a brand story. This session usually is a half day, but can be longer depending on the story. We will brainstorm and create a shot list that may include individuals or groups, different environments, products and or “action shots”.

Your session will be custom designed to make sure you get the photos you need. Call to have a discussion, get your questions answered, and schedule your session!

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