The first question to ask is always "Why are we shooting?"

Photos tell a story, so we must ensure we are telling the intended story. What angle do we shot from? What is the best light? What colors are dominant? These basic answers will give us a start, and probably lead to more questions. But... 



How do you tell that story so they’ll listen?

How do you tell that story so they’ll remember?

Great photography has instant impact, and can tell your story faster and more effectively than long explanations. Great photography can provide a level of credibility and professionalism. You want to show your people at their best, and you certainly don’t want to have lack luster photos of your building or space, or something you built or created. First, we start with some questions. There are many ways to create a photo, so we start with the goal.


There are a variety of reasons to photograph man-made spaces, whether interior or exterior. Each reason has similarities in how we shoot, based on the ultimate goal of the photograph.

For businesses, it may be the interior of your building, the exterior, or the back entrance, but the goal is to invite potential visitors to experience your business before they arrive. Liking the look of your space, or just knowing what to expect can have a big influence on whether they come for a visit.

For craftspeople, whether they be architects, builders, or designers, photographs are how you share your work, and how you'll be judged by potential new clients. If those photos aren't as good as they can be, and accurately reflect the vision you had for the space, not to mention the showcase of your skill, you may lose business.

Your web site is where potential visitors/clients look to check you out, so show them your best side. It could be the pool you designed, the master suite you built, the company conference room, or the main bar. The more you show, the more comfortable and invited your visitors will feel. But only if you show off your best with the best photo. The right light, the right angle, the right view, otherwise you send them away!

We can shoot multiple angles or even 360 degree panoramas.

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Unless you live in a cave, you probably see a lot of faces over the course of a day.

Let's face it, intentional or not, good or bad, you make judgements based on those faces.

Great photos of the people in your business can be inviting and give visitors someone to recognize. They can also add personality and style to the faces, something people can identify with.

Whether you're looking for a job, or marketing for the one you have, a great headshot can create a sense of trust and credibility. You don;t want to be on the other side of that equation!

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Some businesses sell physical products. Customers want to see those products. High quality photography adds credibility to product offerings. Sometimes a well conceived setup of the product in use is even better

Other businesses have no products. They sell services. It's not as obvious what should be photographed. However, customers will more likely look at a photo than they will spend time reading your service description. A well designed photo of the execution of your service will get more attention, and those same customers may spend time reading after the photo has grabbed their attention.

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