We’ll need to have a quick conversation. Every project is different, and every client has different needs. I will provide a custom estimate for every project based on why we’re creating images, and what you hope to get from them.

Are you in need of professional photographs?


All photos are the copyrighted work of the photographer. I retain all rights to the photos. As a client, you are provided with a License to use the photos.

You are already familiar with a licensing model. Most of the software you use is licensed, not owned. When you “purchase” a software application, you don’t actually own the software, you are granted a license to use the software. Photos are the same, and there are different levels of licensing depending on the intended use of the images.

I include a standard usage license with most images. This usage includes what most businesses need every day, such as website, social media, internal uses, including proposals, printed collateral, and wall displays. This is a perpetual license that does not expire. Additional usage may require additional licenses, which can be added up front or anytime in the future.

Third-party usage is not permitted unless properly licensed. Any other parties interested in the final photos should either enter a cost sharing agreement in advance of the shoot to obtain a large discount, or they can license individual photos directly though one27photo after the shoot at the full per-photo rate.